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Chocolate Eclairs

My attempt at making chocolate eclairs turned out really quite good

Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bakery style chocolate chip cookies. Dough doesn\'t even have to chill! #0914

Blueberry Chutney

Blueberry Chutney: spiced, fruity and amazing to top anything.

Sundried Tomato Rye Flatbread

Sundried Tomato Flatbread: sundried tomatoes and dark, rye flour make a great (and quick) flatbread.

Sundried Tomato Tuna Bruschetta

Tuna and Sundried Tomato Bruschetta: ready in a flash and gone just as quickly.

Berbere Chickpeas over Polenta

A hearty and easy Ethiopian inspired dinner with berbere spiced chickpeas and bell peppers over crispy pan-fried polenta. #0914

Berbere Chickpeas over Polenta

A hearty and easy Ethiopian inspired dinner with berbere spiced chickpeas and bell peppers over crispy pan-fried polenta. #0914

Coconut pista ladoo recipe

Coconut pista ladoo in 15 minutes.Easy coconut ladoos with pistachio flavor that comes together very quickly,rich and decent sweet/dessert

Brioche Pumpkin French Toast

Brioche Pumpkin French Toast


A quick and easy vegetarian stir fry - ready in less than 30 minutes and filled with immunity boosting garlic, onions and ginger

Smore marshmallow treat

A homemade marshmallow treat transformed to a smore on a crispy rice with chocolate cookie. The perfect dessert for the picnic

Persimmons Tofu Parfait

A NO Yogurt Parfait to satisfy your sweet tooth. Healthy, dairy free, gluten free.

Baci di Dama

Two buttery hazelnut cookies sandwiched together with a dollop of dark chocolate.

Turkey and Sage Stuffed Apples

Turkey and Sage Stuffed Apples. A little bite of fall!

Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

A healthy version of a classic cookie that isn\'t just for Christmas anymore! Plus, they\'re egg free!

Grilled Pork Loin with Roasted Vegetables

Done right, a grilled pork loin sliced into medallions is one of the most tender, juicy things you can put on a plate.

Dutch Pancakes

Dutch pancakes are a a cross between french crepes and american pancakes. The \"toppings\" are cooked into the pancake.

Crockpot Veal Stew with Root Vegetables

Delicious tender pieces of veal with seasonal veggies in savory wine sauce. Yum.

ABC Quesadilla

What does the ABC stand for? Apple, Bacon and Cheddar. A fun and easy to make snack or sandwich for kids of all ages.

Hanger Steak Fajitas

Tex Mex inspired hanger steak fajitas

Pastry Wrapped Brie with Roasted Grapes

Pastry Wrapped Brie with Roasted Grapes. This tasty appetizer is surprisingly easy to make ... and it's sure to impress your family ...

Stuffed Apples with Crumble Topping

Stuffed Apples with Crumble Topping - Soft baked apples filled with blueberries and topped with a buttery crumble only 212 cals!

Smoked Pork Sirloin Tip Roast

Tender, juicy, melt in your mouth easy smoked pork that is perfect for sandwiches and parties.

Whole Wheat Puff Pastry

Whole Wheat Puff Pastry-step by step process for homemade whole wheat puff pastry.

Paneer Tikka

Deliciously vegetarian paneer tikka (Indian cheese, marinaded) that even meat eaters will love. Great on a barbecue #0914

Vanilla Ice Cream & Affogato

Creamy vanilla ice cream served with a little coffee - or on its own.

Gingerdoodle Cookies

Soft and chewy cookies with a delicious ginger flavor.

Apple & Plum Crisp

A healthy take on crisp. Use any fruit of your choice. It is perfect for a party as a make-ahead dessert or an impromptu one too. #0914

Meatless Chili Mac

Perfect comfort food, without the guilt!

Kasundi Macher & Kaddhu Ke Kofte

Kasundi Macher (salmon in tandoor, yogurt, kasundi mustard, tandoori spices) and Kaddhu Ke Kofte (green squash, chili, gram flour, roaste...

Kashmiri Salad

Kashmiri Salad (apple, celery, mix greens, walnuts, mustard-vinaigrette dressing) from Tamarind in NYC

Mango Rice Pudding

Mango Rice Pudding from Tamarind in NYC

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

Perfectly sweet and tart, this Cranberry Pumpkin bread has a fabulous balance of fall flavors.

Guilt Free Banana Ice-Cream

A non dairy guilt-free ice-cream.

Butter Chicken

A less calorific version of butter chicken.

Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade almond milk.

Roasted Courgette & Couscous Salad

A light summer couscous salad.

Chocolate Brownie

A sumptuous gluten free chocolate brownie with roasted hazelnuts

Canapés Away

A delicious selection of canapés.

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

A lightened up version of a traditional favorite with all the hot, spice and New Orleans flavour.

Creamy Chicken & Rice Soup

A warm, rich chicken and rice soup filled with vegetables and thyme. Ease into soup season with this bowl of yumminess!

Prosciutto Sandwich

Have this prosciutto sandwich for lunch. The prosciutto ham has not been smoked, but seasoned for that extra flavour on your prosciutto s...

Peach & Plum Galette

This galette is supposed to be rustic! That’s code for, “not perfect, but who cares what it looks like, it tastes great!&...

Vanilla Lemonade

This vanilla lemonade is refreshing on hot days and therefore oh so delicious at a picnic. Surprisingly, with a hint of vanilla!

Tea Smoked Salmon with Latkes

Salmon smoked with tea and served with wasabi latkes. Elegant, simple and tasty.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Mildly tangy and crunchy with a decadent vanilla whipped cream topping. This lemon poppy seed cake will bring nothing but joy to your mou...

Vanilla White Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

If you like simple uncomplicated flavours this white cake is for you. Topped with a fluffy vanilla whipped cream frosting it won\'t overw...

Peach & Apple Quinoa Salad

Transition from summer to fall with Peach and Apple Quinoa Salad topped with Cinnamon Honey Vinaigrette. #0914

Raspberry Poke Cake

A delicately tasty cake with a whipped cream topping. Makes for a pleasant offering during tea or a fabulous dessert.

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Hungarian Mushroom Soup is a rich, delicious meal in a bowl that makes up in just 30 minutes.

Bacon Brunch Roll

Cheesy Bacon Brunch Roll - The savoury sister of the classic cinnamon roll.

Lasagna Casserole

All the goodness of a cheesey Lasagna with out all the work. #0914

Chicken Broccoli Pesto Pasta Toss

Chicken Broccoli Pesto Pasta Toss is made with homemade pesto, fresh broccoli & lean chicken. A healthy, easy and tasty weeknight din...

Fish Chapati

Fish Chapati: spiced fish in a lentil filled chapati

Creamy White Bean Dip

White Bean Dip (Fasole Batuta), is a simple and fast three-ingredient recipe, loaded with proteins, that can be served as appetizer or s...

Honey Banana Bundt

Honey Banana Bundt: honey, mashed bananas and even dried ones for a great start to any day.

Lemon Olive Oil Cupcakes

Lemon Olive Oil Cupcakes: full of lemon but no dairy and no eggs needed. Topped with a fluffy lemon icing.

Caramel Apple Crisp with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Seasonal Caramel Apple Crisp with salted caramel sauce and homemade no machine cinnamon ice cream. The perfect comfort food #0914

Oven Roasted Cashew Nuts Recipe

How to roast cashews crispy and golden with very less oil, these spicy cashew nuts are a great snack to go along with tea.

Pumpkin Pie Truffles

These decadent pumpkin pie truffles are made with a cinnamon-spiced pumpkin filling that\'s smothered in rich, dark chocolate.

Braised Chicken & Caramelized Vegetables

This is the ultimate fall dinner! It's comfort food at its best with the braised chicken and delicious veg in a lovely broth. Perfec...

Banana Waffles

Homemade Banana Waffles with real NH Maple syrup #0914

Chicken Provençal

This Chicken Provençal is my own creation, but it's very much in keeping with the typical food of the region.

Quinoa & Apple Stuffed Squash

This satisfying dish has an incredible blend of flavors and textures! Sweet apples, salty pancetta, chewy quinoa and tender acorn squash....

Baked Peaches with Vanilla Icing

Warm Baked Peaches with Vanilla Bean Icing.

Blueberry Pancakes with Agave & Goji Berriesgave

A delicious and healthy breakfast made from store cupboard staples.

Sour Cream Noodle Bake

A simple noodle bake (with delicious egg noodles) that packs a surprising punch of flavor.

National Cheeseburger Day 2014

Here is everything you need to know about this delicious national holiday!

Walnut Cookies with Caramel

Walnut cookies with melted fudge. They are crunchy sweet and got molten caramel. Does it get any better?

Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Naturally vegan, gluten free and paleo, this Lebanese Garlic Sauce is light, fluffy and packed with flavor. Serve with grilled meat, shis...

Black & White Cookie Cake

This giant black and white cookie is a huge version of the classic New York treat!

Makis Varied

Makis varied delicious for lunch or dinner. Japanese Cuisine. Gluten Free.

Simple Beef Stew

The easiest beef stew around.

Pumpkin & Apple Bundt Cake

The perfect fall cake, with apples and pumpkin, the great way to star autumn season.

Pumpkin & Feta Frittata

Pumpkin and Feta Frittata - a nutritious and delicious meal packed with vegetables.

Roast Chicken with Mushroom Pepper Sauce

Roast chicken with mushroom pepper sauce ... Good food in a great setting at The Brooklyn Shuffle.

Great Salads

Great Salads ... Good food in a great setting at The Brooklyn Shuffle.

Vanilla Bean Scones

Start your morning off with these petite scones packed with vanilla bean goodness!

Pumpkin Spice Cake Gluten & Dairy Free

Light, moist, fluffy best Pumpkin Spice Cake made gluten and dairy free! #0914

Sausage Ravioli Bake

Cheesy ravioli with roasted veggies, sausage, lemon and Parmesan cheese.

Game Day Chili

A tasty, not so spicy, beef and bean chili that is perfect for game day

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding (black pepper ice cream, maldon salt) from The Gorbals in NYC

Black Bass

Black Bass (radish, watermelon, bonito butter) from The Gorbals in NYC


Octopus (za'atar, olives, pine nuts) from The Gorbals in NYC

Grilled Shishitos

Grilled Shishitos (charred eggplant puree) from The Gorbals in NYC


Broccoli (soy, chilies, vinegar) from The Gorbals in NYC

The Son of a Gun

The Son of a Gun (mezcal, tequila, pear puree, lime, almond syrup, mole bitters) from The Gorbals in NYC

Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

Make your own mascarpone cheese! Two ingredients and time is all you need.

Greek Gyros with Meatballs

Greek gyros made with meatballs and delicious tzatziki sauce.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini

Time to enjoy an adult version of the popular Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Garbanzo & Tuna Salad with Parsley & Red Pepper

This Garbanzo and Tuna Salad with Parsley and Red Bell Pepper makes a great No-Heat Lunch for work.

Pepper Jack Macaroni Cups

Pepper jack macaroni and cheese cups, made with Greek yogurt.

One Pot Manly Cheesy Chicken Penne

This one-pot cheesy chicken pasta is doused in Manwich sauce and full of flavor. An easy and budget friendly meal :)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns

Easy, no bake, chocolate and peanut butter acorn shaped treats are perfect for fall.

Chicken & Bacon Lasagne

Chicken and Bacon Lasagne - A hearty family favourite with added veg - packed full of flavour! Gluten free version included too.

Brown Butter Brown Sugar Toasted Almond Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brown Butter Brown Sugar Toasted Almond Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt

Caramel & Nutella Bread Pudding

Caramel and Nutella Bread Pudding - A sweet, sticky and indulgent bowl of happiness.

Zucchini & Ricotta Pizza

Zucchini and Ricotta Pizza #0914

Skillet Cornbread with Honey Butter

Buttery cornbread wedges infused with honey, baked in a cast iron wedge pan, and paired with honey butter. #0914

Grilled Lamb with Herb Butter

Homemade herb butter is the perfect company for grilled lamb chops, and so easy to make!