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Sauerkraut Topped Brat Burgers

Oktoberfest in a sandwich! Sauerkraut topped Bratwurst Burgers

Brown Butter Ravioli

Brown Butter Ravioli for National Pasta Day!

Baked Chili Cheese Fries

Baked chili cheese fries are all of the fun, none of the guilt!

Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

The tastiest Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde ever! A little tangy, a little spicy, saucy, and cheesy! #1014

Salmon Tostada Salad

Moist, flaky salmon baked in salsa and chilies tops a black bean tostada salad.

Southwest Pizza

Enjoy a southwest inspired pizza with simple ingredients.

Creamy tomato soup

While this tomato soup there might look scary, it is very nice and creamy because of the web. A real delicious soup (even if it is not Ha...

Spider cake

This spider cake is delicious, spicy and nice finished with frosting and chocolate spiders. Your kids (and you) will enjoy this cake!

Chicken Panini with Butternut Squash Spread

Perfectly crisp bread on the outside, with melted cheese, chicken, spinach, and a flavorful butternut squash spread on the inside.

Niçoise Salad

Niçoise Salad (seared tuna, green beans, olives, baby tomato, crispy shallot, eight minute egg, confit potato, white anchovy...

Scalloped Mushroom Polenta

Scalloped Polenta with Mushrooms - Rounds of firm polenta, baked with wild mushrooms in a garlicky crème fraîche ...

Butternut Squash Noodles with Walnuts

The flavors of the butternut squash noodles, toasted walnuts and a little brown butter go together so well. A perfect simple dish for the...

Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

A mix-in ingredient, Almond Joy-style cookie: shredded coconut, slices of almond, almond extract, and chocolate chips. Yum. #1014

Brown Butter Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

A great recipe to try the technique of making a roux. It’s a rich comfort food to make on a Sunday afternoon. #1014

Creamy Butternut Sage Fettuccine

Fettuccine in a Creamy Butternut-Sauce with a dollop of ricotta cheese.

Toffee Apple Bundt

Fall Toffee Apple Bundt: Full of caramel, apples all wrapped in a buttery cake.

Lamb Meatball Soup

Lamb Meatball Soup: studded with roasted pumpkin and meatballs chockfull of spice this is a hearty, make ahead meal.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes: pumpkin, apples, honey and cottage cheese make a great gluten-free pancake.

Zucchini and Bacon Omelette baked in the oven

Zucchini and Bacon Omelette baked in the oven

Red Relvet & Black Forest Gateaux

This is truly a lovely combination of two of the nicest cakes in the world, brought together with mascarpone whipped cream, topped with b...

Baked Paneer in Pumpkin Sauce

Low in calories and rich in flavor. Only 33 calories. Healthy and vegetarian appetizer.

chocolate, truffles, sprinkles, sugar, dessert, halloween, holiday, easy

Easy truffles that can be decorated to fit any occasion.

Sweet Potato Muffins with and Oatmeal Crumble Top

What says Fall more muffins made with Sweet Potatoes! No processed flour or sugar in these decadent tasting muffins! But you are not goin...

Whole Wheat Waffles with Apple Cinnamon Syrup

No processed flour or sugar in these decadent tasting waffles! But you are not going to miss them! #1014

Chocolate Pecan Cake

Indulge yourself with this gorgeous, but surprisingly easy-to-make cake with pecans or walnuts and topped with dark chocolate and fruits.

Five Bean Chili

Five Bean Chili - a low fat, vegetarian and budget friendly yet hearty meal.

Whole Wheat Apple Walnut Muffins

Whole Wheat Apple Walnut Muffins - You’ll find no guilt in the ingredients of these yummy muffins.

Trader Joe's Seasonal Pumpkin Bread

My favorite bread mix on the planet! Serve with warm chocolate sauce!

Warm Chocolate Sauce

Pour over dessert of choice! My favorite being fresh baked pumpkin bread!

Cucumber Dill Sandwiches

Creamy mayo-free dill cheese spread atop a slice of potato bread with fresh sliced cucumbers #1014

Chicken Cutlet w Lemon Garlic Dressing

A classic chicken cutlet, served atop mixed greens and drizzled with lemon garlic dressing

A Basic Frittata

A frittata is like a fresh clean canvas where you can paint whatever picture captures your mood and your appetite.

Dacquoise Chocolat Noix

dacquoise cake with chocolate and wallnut

Pumpkin & Chocolate Dip {Halloween Snacks}

This creamy pumpkin and chocolate dip is made with cashew creme and is free of lactose and refined sugar.

Devil's Food Cake

Devil's Food Cake

Cottage Cheese Cake 'Angel Tears'

Cottage cheese cake which cries

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies

Salmon with Kale Chimichurri

Roasted Salmon with Kale Chimichurri

Sweet & Spicy Squash

Healthy, vegetarian Carnival Squash that has been brushed with a maple and chipotle mixture. Perfect fro serving at the holidays.

Creamy Roasted Root Vegetable Soup with Za'atar

Cinnamon, za'atar and plain yogurt give this roasted butternut squash and parsnip soup a rich, warm flavor and irresistible creamy t...

Pink Champagne Cake

A perfect celebratory cake. Made with champagne and covered with roses, it\'s the best way to say, \'congratulations\'

Spooky Almond Cookies

Perfectly chew inside, sweet and delicious almond cookies, gluten free and perfect to make for Halloween.

Grilled Steak & Potatoes with Chimichurri Sauce

In just a little more than 30 minutes you have a fabulous meal and extra sauce to use for the rest of the week.

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri, pesto's Argentinean cousin, adds flavor and nutrition to everything it touches. Serve it with chicken, meat, fish, pota...

Halloween Layered Jello Treats

Layered orange, purple and black jello makes fun Halloween treats.

Pumpkin Cheesecake - GF, Vegan, & Paleo

Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake

Persimmon Chai Bread (GF Vegan)

Gluten-Free Vegan Persimmon Chai Bread {Refined Sugar-Free}

Monterey Hazelnut Biscotti

Homemade savory & sweet biscotti with monterey jack, candied hazelnuts, and tart cherries. #1014

Pumpkin Overnight Oats

Double or triple this Pumpkin Overnight Oats recipe for a couple days worth of breakfasts’ and mid-day snacks. #1014

Cilantro Cauliflower Rice & Beans

This stir-fried cauliflower rice and beans is hearty, healthy, and infused with the tangy Tex-Mex flavors of fresh cilantro and lime juice.

Prosciutto Chicken Breasts & Fontina Sauce

Moist chicken with a crispy prosciutto wrap and a creamy cheese sauce

Sweet Potato Casserole

Traditional sweet potato casserole with crunchy pecan topping.

Spicy, Fruity, Habanero Chilli Oil

Fresh habanero chillies, gently heated and steeped in cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Very spicy, very fruity - excellent on anything!

Moroccan-Style Stew with Poached Egg

Spicy and flavoursome Moroccan-style stew with poached egg.

Chinese Fireballs

Have a Harry Potter Halloween party with these sweet and spicy Chinese Fireball meatballs! #1014

Warming Pumpkin Soup

This season just screams for warming and healthy pumpkin soup!

Giant Pumpkin Skillet Cookie (Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Pumpkin Skillet Cookie. Quick and easy fall treat.

Chai Tea Cupcakes with Mascarpone Cream Frosting

My yummy chai tea cupcakes with a double cream mascarpone frosting, who needs a coffee shop when you have these scrumptious yummy treat #...

Pork & Olive Stew

Delicious authentic Romanian dish, featuring an unusual but amazing combination of pork tenderloin and black olives.

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

Soft cakey cookies made with pumpkin and flavoured with mixed spice.

Cranberry Glazed Turkey Meatloaf

All the flavors of Thanksgiving are incorporated into these individual meatloaves

Shanghai Bok Choy Rice Pot

Rice, bok choy, and cured pork in a trifecta of Shanghai comfort food awesomeness.

Homemade Scallion Sesame Crackers

These healthy snacks won't leave you wondering what the ingredients are!

Macau Style Curry Crab

Get your Curry Crab fix before the season ends!

Sweet Potato Beef Stew

Sweet Potato Beef Stew

Spinach-Quinoa Patties

Spinach-Quinoa Patties

Peanut Butter Monster Munch

Peanut Butter Monster Munch Party Mix

No-Bake Butterfinger Ice Box Cake

No-Bake Butterfinger Ice Box Cake

Healthy Chicken Burritos

Healthy chicken burritos made at home!

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with a spicy kick.

Witch Hat Cupcakes

Amazingly cute and easy Witch Hat Cupcakes!

Garden Fresh Parsley Pesto

Garden Fresh Parsley Pesto - bight color, bright flavor and delicious all year long! Super easy to make and goes great on just about anyt...

Panko-Crusted Baked Salmon

A quick weeknight dinner idea: A fresh fillet of salmon baked in a crust of Panko breadcrumbs, Dijon musturd and Parmesan cheese.

Flamed Strawberries

Tangy, delicious, a bit boozy and oh so pretty #1014

Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Dip

Roasted red and jalapeno peppers give this hot cheese dip an extra kick!

The Best Snack Mix I've Ever Made

Great recipe for easy snack mix that is so good it vanishes! Great for Halloween parties!

Grilled Cajun Red Snapper

This grilled red snapper simple recipe with great ingredients and terrific flavor that\'s perfect for a restaurant-like presentation.

Blue Cheese BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese

A buttery sauce mixed with smoked gouda and blue cheese make one velvety and flavorful and lighter BBQ chicken mac and cheese.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Cheesy Cheeseburger

There is nothing better than a burger made right, and here are some of the world's best!

Breakfast Smoothie with Walnut, Peanut & Rice

Breakfast Smoothie with Walnut, Peanut and Rice | This breakfast smoothie has a silky texture and a nutty fragrance. It has less than 300...

Teriyaki Salmon Sandwich

Teriyaki Salmon Sandwich | Less than 30 minutes too cook and the whole meal is only 545 calories

Mini Pumpkin Brownie Cheesecakes (Gluten Free)

These are SO easy, creamy and only 130 CALORIES! Perfect for Halloween too!

Ghost Biscuits with Cream Cheese

Here is a cute idea for healthy salty & sweet snacks to put on your family\'s Halloween table! Kids will love these ghost biscuits with c...

Roasted Garlic Cheese Grits

Creamy stone ground grits with fontina and cheddar, fresh chopped thyme and sweet roasted garlic. This is southern comfort food! Don�...

Brown Butter Caramel CCC Cups

Browned Butter Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups with Graham Cracker Crusts-a sweet and salty treat!

Pecan Chicken

Pecan chicken with cranberry goat cheese sauce. A 30 minute festive dinner!

Chocolate Chia Coconut Energy Bites

Chewy and delicious grab-and-go fuel, these Chocolate Chia Coconut Energy Bites are perfect for stashing in your purse, gym bag or desk d...

Banana Oat Cookies

Banana Oat Cookies - no flour, no eggs, no butter - totally healthy and delicious!

Apple & Treacle Scones

Autumn scones with apples, cinnamon and golden syrup delicious served with clotted cream and blackcurrant jam. #1014

Pounded Cheese with Port Syrup

A deconstructed cheese ball that is as delicious as it is beautiful.

How to Make Your Own Bacon

How to make your own bacon. It's easier than you think and it will be the best bacon you'll ever enjoy.

Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Gratin

This beautiful sweet potato and peanut butter gratin will amaze your taste buds!


Chakli a very popular snack usually made during festive season in every house specially in Maharashtra.

Spicy Fried Rice with Roasted Chicken

This is the way I did with my lefover roasted chicken at home.It tastes spicy and yummy and it\'s really easy to cook.#1014

Dominos Style Cheesy Stick or Bread

This cheesy stick is all you need with your pizza. It is Domino\'s style too.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

These sweet potato biscuits are moist, buttery, and slightly sweet.

Sourdough Patty Melts

Ground beef seasoned with spices and herbs, then topped with gooey cheese and caramelized and pickled onion.

Steamed Prawns with Lime Mayonnaise

Easiest way to cook prawns! #1014

Individual Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Cups

Thick, hearty individual baked oatmeal cups flavored with pumpkin and seasoned cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The perfect grab and go break...