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Coffee, Oat and Banana Smoothie

Kick start your morning with this delicious Coffee, Oat & Banana Smoothie – with coffee to wake you up and oats to keep your ...

Easy Carrot & Coriander Soup

Using frozen vegetables in this easy homemade carrot and coriander soup means you can have a delicious, healthy meal with just a few minu...

Lamb Salad with Goats Cheese

Liven up your lunch with this delicious lamb salad with flaked almonds, apricots and goats cheese. Perfect for a healthy lunch or summer ...

Caribbean Style Fish and Chips

This Caribbean style fish & chips is made up of rum battered fish, sweet potato fries, jerk onion rings & an incredible coconut c...

The Potatorrito!

A burrito stuffed with potatoes, meat and cheese and wrapped up in bacon

Crispy Homemade Popcorn Chicken

Crispy homemade popcorn chicken. A very easy recipe for this popular and delicious snack. Chicken pieces coated in breadcrumbs & serv...

fusilli dulce

fusilli dulce

Oreo red velvet bars

Traditional red velvet bars with cream cheese icing and crushed oreos

Masala Chai: Spiced Indian Tea

Aromatic tea with lots of milk, sugar and spices - made the Indian way. Cheers to masala chai.

The Best Pulled Pork Casserole

Comfort food doesn't even touch how soul satisfying this low carb pulled pork casserole will make you feel!

Hearty Hamburger Soup

This soup is a favorite at our house. Hearty and delicious and packed with yummy veggies.

Pear Liqueur

Fruity, warm with spice, fragrant with orange and YUMMY!

Comfort Food - Baked Potato

This baked potato is topped with caviar - as comforting as a food can be!

Baked Cornflake Chicken Tenders

Crispy oven baked cornflake-crusted chicken tenders served with honey mustard sauce. Simple, healthy, and kid-friendly!

Healthy Homemade Nutella

A healthy chocolate spread recipe made with real hazelnuts and with a taste very similar to Nutella. You'll love this hazelnut cream!

Healthy Red Berries Jam

Healthy, gluten-free and vegan red berries jam. Extremely easy to make with just 2 ingredients.

Apple & Carrot Salad

Apple and carrot salad is more a dessert and less a salad. This simple 1:1 carrot to apple (grated) equation is the healthiest, but most ...

Roasted Red Pepper & Eggplant Spread

Ajvar: the world-famous Balkan roasted red pepper and eggplant relish. Smokey, deep, rich. Unforgettable.

Sticky Rice

Sticky rice: rice cooked in milk and sugar. A dish as ordinary, and as extra-ordinary as vanilla ice-cream.

Blackberry Lemon Waffles

Start your weekend off with lemon & blackberry waffle ~

Strawberry Lemon Crumb Bars

Deliciously thick and chewy bars that are oh so buttery and crumbly, and filled with homemade strawberry lemon jam!

Spice Cabinet Moroccan Chicken

Spice Cabinet Moroccan Chicken

Spinach & Cherry Tomato Saute

Spinach and Cherry Tomato Saute (vegan, low-sodium)

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup: thick, warm, comforting and overflowing with vegetables.

 Tomato & Red Pepper Spread

Pindjur is a luscious salsa-like spread made by roasting tomatoes and peppers, and then simmering them over medium heat with herbs and ga...

Meza: Balkan Appetizer Plater

An easy way to put together an appetizer platter Balkan style. Also known as meza in the area, this type of snack platter is typical to w...

Vegan red pepper pasta

This vegan red pepper pasta comes together in less than 20 minutes. It's super tasty, nutritious and naturally vegan. It can also be...

Moroccan chickpea stew

Moroccan chickpea stew is an easy, delicious and filling dish that makes an ideal weekday dinner or post-exercise recovery meal. It'...

Gluten-free banana muffins

These gluten-free banana muffins make a great midday snack or a coffee treat. They are filling, sweet but not overly so, vegan and gluten...

Vegan pumpkin pasta with sage & coconut bacon

This vegan pumpkin pasta with sage and coconut bacon is nourishing, filling and delicious. It's a perfect vegan and gluten-free (if ...

United Steaks of America

I wish I could throw a barbecue and invite the whole country.

Chicken Taco Salad

Chicken Taco Salad with Cilantro Ranch is bursting with flavor thanks to homemade taco seasoning.

Gluten Free Teriyaki Meatloaf

Gluten free teriyaki meatloaf is comfort food with sweet and tangy flavor.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Poke Cake

Cherry chocolate chip poke cake is like a sundae in cake form.

Saffron braised leek with cannellini & farro

Saffron braised leek with cannellini and farro.

Peanut Butter Brownie Truffles

These Peanut Butter Brownie Truffles are an easy chocolate dessert recipe and an excellent gift to give this for Valentine's Day. Th...

Homemade rolls

Homemade rolls

Belly Warming Hatch Chile Ham Soup

Big chunks of smoky ham, tender black beans, quinoa and fire-roasted hatch chiles round out this homestyle dish-not your average cup o&...

The Basics: How to Make Nut Milk

Back to basics. How to make the easiest and delicious nut milk?

Roasted Vegetable Couscous with Chorizo

Roasted vegetable couscous with chorizo. If you are looking for fast weekday meals ready under 30 minutes, then this is it. Plus it'...

Cheesy Pasta Bake with Chicken & Bacon

Cheesy Pasta Bake With Chicken And Bacon - a family favourite (and it makes great leftovers too!).

Kish with vegetables

Kish with vegetables

Fasting appetizer

Fasting appetizer

Raspberry Cranachan

A typical Scottish dessert dating back to the 18th century. Very quick & simple dish to prepare, not to mention delicious. We usual...

Lamington Cupcakes

Lamington Cupcakes with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream by Sugar Salt Magic. That delicious Aussie treat in the form of a cupcake.

German chocolate cake cheese ball

Love German chocolate cake? Especially that sticky coconut frosting? This German Chocolate Cake Cheese Ball is way easier than cake but j...

Chocolate chip banana cake

This chocolate chip banana cake with peanut butter frosting starts with a super moist banana cake. It's the ultimate peanut butter b...

Parmesan Garlic Knots

A tasty side for all the soups and stews for this chilly time of year ~

Buckwheat pancakes stuffed with almonds

Buckwheat pancakes stuffed with almonds

Plum Jam Strudel

Soothe your appetite for pastries with a warm, plum jam filled strudel. All that this straightforward dessert requires from you is a litt...

Mama's Chocolate & Walnut Cake

You will want to do a grab and run with this stunningly luscious, Mama's chocolate and walnut cake. It's destined to become the...

Jam Filled Crescents

Perfect three ingredient crescents (margarine, eggs, and flour) filled with jam and baked. Classic combo for the win!

Red Wine Poached Pears

Ripe pears poached in a flavorful red wine and brown sugar sauce, served with mascarpone orange blossom cream.

Mango Curry with Black Rice

Enjoy this creamy and aromatic mango curry over black rice. It\'s the perfect meal for your next date night; easy to make, yet super deli...

Golden Turmeric Cracker

Recipe for Golden Turmeric Cracker - a delicious way to add more turmeric into your diet. You'll love to snack on these golden crisps!

Salted galete with seeds

Salted galete with seeds

Roasted Eggplant Fennel Pizza

Roasted Eggplant Fennel Pizza - a whipped feta & ricotta base with toasted pine nuts, creamy roasted garlic cloves and an olive oil d...

Ice pudding roll

Ice pudding roll

Potage of pumpkin

Potage of pumpkin

Orange Balls

So simple and easy to make.

Slender Green Eggplant with Onion & Green Chilies

Slender green eggplant with the heat of green chilies, the spice of coriander and the sweetness of golden onions.

Classic Hearty Beef Stew

A rich and hearty beef stew recipe that's perfectly seasoned and full of potatoes and carrots. This winter classic is sure to fill y...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfectly in between chewy and crispy!

Tandoori Salmon

Quick and Yummy 15-minute weekday meal!

Baked Crepes with Mushrooms

Lacy baked crepes filled with mushrooms and topped with tartar sauce. Crepes have graduated to dinner!

Chicken Sauce with Tagliatelle

Chicken breast bologna sauce is a tasty, creamy and quick option for when you're out of lunch ideas. Finished in exactly 12-minutes...

Walnut Bites

Four ingredient walnut bites. Perfect crunchy bites to go with milk or coffee. Also the easiest dessert you'll make all year.

Cranberry Apple Crockpot Oatmeal

Cranberry Apple Crockpot Oatmeal is a healthier oatmeal balanced with protein & healthy fats. Just toss everything in a crockpot for ...

Coconut Crusted Chicken Salad Bowls

These Coconut Crusted Chicken Salad Bowls are an amazing weeknight dinner — finished with brown rice & creamy peanut dressing!

Jalapeno Popper Pull Apart Bread

This cheesy Jalapeno Popper Pull Apart Bread is an easy recipe for game day! A loaf of bread stuffed with jalapenos, cheese and bacon; it...

Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie

A protein rich smoothie filled with sweet. ripe strawberries, banana and orange concentrate! It's breakfast in minutes!

Cupid's Arrows

These Cupid's Arrows come together in just a few minutes and make the perfect last minute Valentine's Day treat!

Nian Gao Chinese New Year Cake

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this Nian Gao - Chinese Sticky Sweet Rice Cake! This popular CNY gift is meant to bring good luck and pro...

Chiko Roll Pull Apart Bread

Chiko Roll Pull Apart Bread by Sugar Salt Magic. An impressive Pull-Apart Bread filled with the flavours of the Aussie Chiko Roll.

Gooey fluffernutter rice krispies

Gooey peanut butter rice krispies loaded with extra marshmallows and gooey marshmallow fluff for the ultimate fluffernutter treat!

Cinnamon sugar pretzels

Cinnamon sugar pretzels are one of our all time favorite snacks or treats. Adults and kids cannot stay out of the bowl. Trust me!

Crunchy Kale Salad With Apple & Pear

Begin the New Year with a healthier and more active you! This Crunchy Kale Salad with Apple & Pear will keep you on track!

Yummy Broccoli Cheddar Frittata

Broccoli Cheddar Frittata: Yummy. Simple. Filling. Fast. Make it Today!

Beef Teriyaki Bowls

Beef teriyaki bowls bring the flavor of take-out home!

Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken

Slow cooker thai peanut chicken is an easy, flavorful dish for any night!

The Best Crock Pot Chicken

The tantalizing sauce made of simple pantry ingredients, fresh garlic and chopped parsley is phenomenal

The Perfect White Rice


Mediterranean Tomato Cucumber Salad with Yogurt Dressing

A delicious crunchy salad with a creamy nutritious dressing made of yogurt with a combination taste of tzatziki and raita.

Cherry Muddy Buddies Snack Mix

This Cherry Muddy Buddy Snack Mix is easy to throw together and makes a perfect Valentine's Day treat!

Heart Eyes Emoji Valentine Oreos

These adorable Heart Eyes Emoji chocolate covered Oreos make the perfect Valentine's Day treat! They are seriously almost too cute t...

Valentine Prosciutto Egg Cups

Valentine Prosciutto Egg Cups – Surprise your loved ones with a special breakfast on Valentine's Day!

Vanilla Cardamom Wafers

Vanilla and cardamom make a beautiful couple!

Roasted Grape & Ricotta Crostini

Crispy Crositni with warm roasted grapes and creamy ricotta cheese!

Tricolor Smoothie with Spinach

This gluten and dairy-free tricolor smoothie with spinach is a healthy brunch recipe that you can also enjoy as breakfast or an afternoon...

Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

Deliciously thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies made with no butter, or refined white sugar. The BEST healthier cookies!

 Meat ball stew to warm up the winters

A simple dinner, low in calories to warm up during the winter months.

Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is an easy quick bread, and requires no yeast. Plus, it's amazingly delicious, especially with butter and honey.

Spicy black pepper tofu

Delicious spicy black pepper tofu makes for a great meatless side dish.

Simple spiced quinoa patties

Simple spiced quinoa patties make for a great side dish!

Creamy Chicken, Broccoli & Quinoa Casserole

Creamy Chicken, Broccoli and Quinoa Casserole: Nothing says comfort food better than a creamy chicken, broccoli and quinoa casserole made...

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Ramen

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Ramen: Put down that cup of instant noodles and make fresh, quick and easy vegetarian ramen in 15 minutes.

Golden Milk Turmeric Muffins

Healthy Turmeric Muffins made with golden milk! A creamy grain-free treat lightly sweetened with a subtle kick of spice! Paleo + Gluten F...

Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

This Open-Faced Egg Sandwich is the best easy recipe option to throw together in the morning. Made with toast, fried eggs, cheese and tom...

Pink Velvet Hot Chocolate

A sweet and creamy cup of pink velvet hot chocolate makes the perfect treat for a chilly winter night. This tasty pink hot chocolate woul...

Easy Bacon Ranch Dip

This savory Bacon Ranch Dip makes the perfect easy appetizer. It pairs perfectly with fresh-cut veggies, chips, or crackers. Plus, using ...