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Best Veg Mix Ever with Seasoning Peppers

A delicious mid-week veg mix recipe with season peppers.

White Bean Arugula Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Crispy Prosciutto

White Bean Arugula Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Crispy Prosciutto â a light and healthy salad with Italian flair, packed wit...

Panzanella - Italian Bread Salad

Panzanella - Italian Bread Salad...the King of salads in my book!

Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Creamy delicious crunch with added blue cheese makes this salad the perfect addition to your barbecue.

Green bean and cherry tomato salad

We love this fresh and summery green bean salad with cherry tomatoes, basil and a pinch of garlic.

Tomato and artichoke salad

The perfect salad for your BBQ: cherry tomatoes with artichoke hearts, black olives and lots of fresh herbs!

Italian peperonata

Sweet and colorful bell pepper stew with tomatoes, onions, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Great with grilled meats!

Mediterranean Carrot Salad

Yogurt Tahini Mediterranean Carrot Salad - filled with chickpeas, royal raisins, feta, parsley, it makes a great summer side!

Mediterranean tuna salad

Delicious, fast and healthy: you will want to serve this wonderful Mediterranean tuna salad every day this summer!

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

BRUSSELS SPROUT GRATIN with BACON is the ultimate holiday side dish! Who can resist brussels sprouts when sprinkled with bacon and SO MUC...

Easy Chicken Macaroni Salad

This chicken macaroni salad is one of those comfort foods that is impossible not to love!

Greek Village Salad

We found Greek village salad everywhere throughout the Greek Islands. Each village has its own version, using locally available ingredien...

Summer Chicken Salad

A summer chicken salad with fresh greens, creamy avocado, tender mushrooms, sweet blackberries and crunchy almonds & sunflower.

Purple Cabbage & Broccoli Salad With Miso Orange & Almond Dressing

Salads is something that never goes wrong, just combine your favorite ingredients along with a nice dressing and toss them well. This pur...

German Potato Salad

This authentic German Potato Salad is an easy family favorite that\'s perfect for a picnic or gathering. It tastes great cold or warm and...

Potato salad with ham

This is what you want on a summer day: potato salad with ham, crispy pork and herbs!

Healthy Tuna Salad

Healthy Tuna Salad Recipe, full of colors, vitamins and flavors!


This Argentinian chimichurri with lots of fresh herbs, garlic, peppers and tomatoes tastes wonderful with grilled meats!

Mediterranean prawn salad

Mediterranean salad with spicy marinated prawns, artichoke hearts, red peppers and lots of fresh herbs. This tastes like summer!

Spring Salad with Fiddleheads & Blackberry Vinaigrette

The blackberry vinaigrette is the perfect complement to fiddleheads and pine nuts! Vegan and chicken versions available and you can subst...