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Pizza & Flatbreads Gallery

Beet and Goat Cheese Tart

This beauty combines the flaky, buttery puff pasty we practically drool over come dessert with creamy goat cheese and bold rosemary. We&a...

 Mexican Tortilla Pizza

Learn to make this tasty quick and easy, healthier pizza version with a Mexican twist!

Roasted Eggplant Fennel Pizza

Roasted Eggplant Fennel Pizza - a whipped feta & ricotta base with toasted pine nuts, creamy roasted garlic cloves and an olive oil d...

Bruschetta Pizza

Crispy homemade pizza dough topped with balsamic and olive oil tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic glaze! All the flavors of bruschetta on...

The Best Homemade Pizza Dough

Simple and delicious!

French Bread Pizza

This vegan French bread pizza is incredibly delicious, crunchy, and ready in only 15 minutes! Perfect for quick w...

Sriracha Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

This sriracha chicken bacon ranch pizza is the perfect combination of spicy and salty with a hint of creamy ranch to finish things off!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza has a buttery, flaky crust, lots of gooey, melted mozzarella cheese and a satisfyingly rich tomato basil sauce.

Two Mini Pizza Recipes

Try out these super cute mini pizzas. You could have chicken or pesto and mozzarella. Or even better, how about one of each?!

Tex-Mex Pizza

Tex-Mex pizza is the fusion food you need in your life.

Rocket Pesto Chicken Skillet Pizza

This rocket pesto chicken skillet pizza is a brilliant variation on a classic pizza. With a pesto base and a layer of mozzarella and chicken

Thai chicken pizza

Thai chicken pizza - quick and easy to make, loaded with crunchy toppings, fresh herbs, and bursting with vibrant Thai flavors.

Quinoa Pizza Crust With Homemade Vegan Pesto

Delicious gluten-free quinoa pizza crust topped with our homemade non-dairy creamy pesto sauce, just add in your favourite veggies!

Bacon, Green Apple, & Pumpkin Pizza

Try this pumpkin pizza recipe for a new autumnal twist on pizza night. A perfect balance of sweet and salty - this pizza will have you co...

Ham and Cheese Stromboli

This 5 ingredient ham and cheese stromboli is the perfect speedy dinner option.

A Cheeseburger Pizza!

A double decker pizza stuffed with cheeseburgers....yes, this exists

Beetroot and chicken puff pastry tart

Combine red beets with chicken and cheese to create a super simple and delicious beetroot and chicken puff pastry tart. Ready in about 35...

Turkish pizza a.k.a. Lahmacun

Make your own Turkish pizza from scratch! Delicious thin crust, minced meat filling and fresh vegetables with garlic sauce on top. Enjoy!

Spicy Sausage Pizza

Spicy Sausage Pizza is loaded with so much flavor that will be a hit with everyone in your family.

Grilled Heirloom Tomato Pizza

Mozzarella cheese, heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs and a little drizzle of olive oil are all you need.